Breakfast Serials Stories and Illustrations

Jim Averbeck

A Peace Corps engineering volunteer working on water projects in Cameroon for four years, Jim plunged into the world of children’s literature upon his return home. His first book, In a Blue Room, illustrated by Tricia Tusa, has won many awards and his third picture book, except if, was published in 2011.

Tim Bush

Tim Bush’s publishing career began when he entered a “Tell-us-what-you-like-about-our-product” contest sponsored by a French paintbrush manufacturer. He was hoping for the free paintbrush they were sending to everyone who entered, but accidentally won first prize: a free trip to Paris. Sinch then, Bush has written and illustrated five books for young readers and has illustrated several books written by others, including Eve Bunting and James Howe.

Lauren Castillo

Ms. Castillo is a recent graduate of the Illustration as Visual Essay, Master of Fine Arts program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She works as an Assistant Art Director by day and Illustrator by night.

Peter Catalanotto

I enjoy illustrating stories that are ethereal, airy, and emotional, not locked into a specific time and place. I think an illustrator needs to recognize what not to paint. Some lines of text are so poetic and perfectly descriptive that a picture would dilute their effect. I don't think we ever need to see someone's "heart beating like a hammer."

Denys Cazet

Emerging from a French-American family that was something like "participating in a Renaissance fair held in the middle of a Barnum and Bailey freak show," Denys Cazet has developed (and illustrated) a sense of humor that is celebrated by the young people he writes for and their parents.

David Fadden

David Kanietakeron Fadden is a member of the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk community of Akwesasne. He shares in the operation of the Six Nations Indian Museum in the Northeastern Adirondack Mountains in Onchiota, NY.  In conjunction with formal art training he has learned technical skills, artistic insight, and other appropriate knowledge from his parents: John Fadden, educator, illustrator and painter; and Elizabeth Eva Fadden, wood sculptor.

Brian Floca

When I'm illustrating my own books the drawings become equal to the text as a way to convey information and emotions. For instance, there's a little subplot about a boy and a suitcase in Five Trucks that's very important to the book but which is told with just a handful of images, scattered among the pages.

Betsy James

Betsy James, author/illustrator of twelve books for children and young adults, speaks fluent Spanish, slangy English, and a few bad words in Zuni that were taught to her by her third grade boys. Her house is full of books, rocks, and rubber lizards. Five of her books—among them Mary AnnThe Mud Family and Long Night Dance—have won national and international awards.

Michael Lacapa

Born in Phoenix Arizona, Michael Lacapa moved to Whiteriver, Arizona on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation at the age of one.  He was the 2nd of eight children with ethnic roots from the Hopi, Tewa, and Apache Tribes.  Michael's boyhood passion for art was "fine tuned" after earning a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Art Education from Arizona State University and while pursuing graduate studies in printmaking from Northern Arizona University. 

Emily Arnold McCully

Emily Arnold McCully was born in Galesburg, Illinois and grew up an innovative "daredevil child", always climbing trees and writing and illustrating her own stories—which she bound and gave copyright dates to. She also was a young entrepreneur, selling her work (postcards, greeting cards, scenery, and copies of the old masters) at the end of her driveway.

C.B. Mordan

Born in Texas, C.B. Mordan has lived all over the world as the son of an Air Force fighter pilot. His great-grandfather served under General "Black Jack" Pershing in WWI. His grandfather was a soldier in France in WWII. His father was a fighter pilot in Vietnam, and his brother is currently a pilot in the Air Force. The Air Force didn't have a place for an illustrator.

Maile Pickett

Maile Pickett is a freelance artist. Born and raised in Honolulu, she lived a good part of her early adult years in search of adventure, living in a homemade shack in a redwood forest, working on social justice issues, and occasionally hoboing across the country on freight trains.

Anna Rich

Quite witty and extremely talented, Anna Rich has been a remarkable addition to Breakfast Serials list of illustrators.  She specializes in oil painting and, as you'll see in The Shadow of My Father's Hand, Anna has an exceptional talent at capturing the mood of the story that the author intended. 

Marilynne K. Roach

Marilynne K. Roach, a life-long resident of Watertown, Massachusetts, graduated with a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and credits the public library system for the rest of her education.

Joan Sandin

Joan has been illustrating her own and others’ published stories for some 35 years. Hill of Fire, which she illustrated, and The Long Way to a New Land, which she both wrote and illustrated, have been "Reading Rainbow" selections.  Joan's newest book, Coyote School News, has been chosen by Arizona’s Governor Janet Napolitano as the book she will present in February 2005 to all Arizona fourth graders.

Hui Hui Su-kennedy

Hui Hui Su-Kennedy has been enchanted by the story of The Monkey King and the lessons she learned since she first heard it growing up in Taiwan.

John Van Zyle

“When I paint, I relive a small portion of my own life, a small story that evokes an emotion.  It is that story, that emotion—not just the image—that I try to convey.  My paintings come from my life: from running my Iditarod races, traveling with my dog teams, living in Indian and Eskimo villages, fishing and hunting, experiencing Alaska wildlife up close and personal—from living life in Alaska to the fullest.”

Anna Vojtech

Through her work in animation, Anna has developed a unique approach to illustration. She likes to tell stories in pictures. She mostly illustrates folk tales and stories about Nature in which she finds a strong source of inspiration. 

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