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Breakfast Serials and the value of the audience

The Value of the Audience

We build value by giving people a new way to seek and enjoy the company of others.

People use Breakfast Serials stories to socialize with friends, to connect with family, or to work together with peer groups and classmates. Our serial format makes it easy to move between the story world and a group’s reactions, thoughts and ideas.

Our audience-building capability focuses on outcomes rather than activities. Performance is predictable because we understand the circumstances in which our serials are used. We specify performance levels for three modules of value.

Module One - “Compound Interest”

In the time between installments, people talk about the serial, predict what’s to come, and enrich the unfolding story with their everyday experiences. When they resume reading, they bring all this richness to the continuing story. As a result, Breakfast Serials’ hallmark is, in the best sense, “compound interest.”

Module Two - Sustainability

The Breakfast Serials brand embodies the conviction that “human activities can be sustained over considerable reaches of time and extended across gaps in their performance.” People return for each Breakfast Serials installment during a 16 week period, on average.

"I think that you have the format just right. I would have given up long ago, due to time constraints, if I had to digest this enjoyable reading in larger bites. I also believe that my nephew [we shared Breakfast Serials] would never have spent as much time thinking about the story had it been in another format.”

- Dan T. and 14-year-old nephew

Module Three - Growth

Since 1996, the Breakfast Serials audience has grown by over 900%, proving our success in context of the job to be done—giving people the means to seek and enjoy the company of others conveniently.

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